badger snapshot 2

Excitingly, I can fairly confidently claim that there is a family of badgers on my patch! Two nights ago I recorded another badger video. This time, the badger behaved very differently to the other two. When it first encounters the camera, it doesn’t react well; jumping back in surprise, before running out of shot. But curiosity (and peanuts) lure the mammal to return, growing in confidence with every video, until finally it relaxes, shoving its snout right into the camera, before a succession of videos reveal it gobbling up my nutty offerings.

badger snapshot 1

I also can’t be sure whether it is psychosomatic or genuine, but I swear it is smaller than the first 2 badgers…I haven’t put the camera out the past 2 nights due to the rain. As the equipment isn’t mine, I am concerned about causing any damage to it. But according to the weather, things should clear up by Wednesday and I am on the hunt for a fox…

To see one of the videos, please check out my twitter account: PearceAlex1

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